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The Victoria Good News Choir Society, incorporated under the societies act and a member of the British Columbia Choral Federation, was founded in 1997 by Louise Rose as a three month project to raise funds for Claremont High School’s theatre construction project. This Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass non-audition community choir celebrated its tenth anniversary in March, 2007. (Louise never could tell time.)

Louise has served as the choir’s accompanist, music director and resident arranger for all of the years of the choir’s existence.

Our membership is intergenerational, culturally, religiously and spiritually diverse. Our repertoire is composed of arrangements of music from the sixteenth century to funk to rock ‘n roll to gospel to spirituals. Louise has arranged most of the choir’s repertoire.

We are a NON-AUDITION community choir with members of all ages. Our membership consists of Adults, Children, Grandparents and their Grandchildren, Mums and Dads and their Children. EVERYONE IS WELCOME.

“Nothing But Swing”, Victoria’s swing dance society and The Victoria Good News Choir are co-hosting a dance party on Saturday, 01 November at The Gorge Burnside Community Centre. Live music by the Capital City Syncopators with special guest Louise Rose. DJ on the breaks for an evening of uninterrupted dance music. Put on your dancing shoes; grab your partner or, better still… come on your own… and find a partner. Beginner Lesson starts the party and you can dance the night away. Remember to turn your clock back an hour when you get home.
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Victoria Good News Choir Society Annual General Meeting - Tuesday, November 18th at Cordova Bay United Church, 813 Claremont Avenue at 8:30pm.
Current News
SOMETHING NEW! We are thrilled to be able to offer rehearsals on Saturday mornings Drop in at any or all of these venues. We will be happy to see you and your family.
Schedule for the current session of the 2014-15 VGNC Season:
Saturdays - 10:00-noon
September 20th – Cadboro Bay United Church, 2625 Arbutus Road.
September 27th - Centennial United Church, 612 David Street
October 4th – Victoria Truth Centre, 1201 Fort Street
October 18th – Cadboro Bay United Church
October 25th - Centennial United Church
November 8th – Victoria Truth Centre
November 15th – Centennial United Church
November 22nd – Cadboro Bay United Church
For the 2014-15 Season fees click on 'How to become a Member' and scroll to bottom of page.

All Ages Together in Song, offered by the Victoria Good News Choir, Louise Rose, director. We welcome you and your family to sing with us for the joy of singing. Experience the gift of singing with your child or children in a warm and caring community. No auditions and all ages welcome. Lots of fun too! Rehearsals on Tuesdays evenings and Saturdays mornings. Choose one or both.
For more details: phone: 250-658-1946, email: info@victoriagoodnewschoir.com.

Welcome to the Victoria Good News Choir 2014-15 Season. Come and sing with us. We sing from 7:30 until 9 PM at Cordova Bay United Church, 813 Claremont Avenue. SOMETHING NEW! We are thrilled to be able to offer rehearsals on Saturday mornings at 10:00am. Schedule and venues are listed on the Home Page. Stop by on any Tuesday or Saturday and check us out!

Welcome to the Victoria Good News Choir space.
I've often been asked if The Victoria Good News Choir is a 'gospel' choir. I respond No!
We are a NON-AUDITION community choir that rehearses from 7:30 until 9 PM on Tuesday evening at Cordova Bay United Church, 813 Claremont Avenue. We sing music from the 16th century to funk.
I started this choir because I wanted to provide a place where everyone would be welcome to sing... for three months. We've now been singing for thirteen years.
This choir is now my life's work. There is no retirement in sight.
I thought I wanted to have a choir in order to make music with and for people who expressed an interest in singing and especially those who'd been discouraged. What I know today is that those who want to sing want to sing for reasons that may have little to do with singing.
My job is to be prepared to serve you with all my heart.
This choir, like every relationship, is changing. Change is going to happen to each of us no matter what we do and sometimes because of what we do.
Somehow the challenges of life seem manageable when there is a focus. No matter how unusual that may seem, it is true. I choose to make every day one in which I move forward.
Ultimately The Victoria Good News Choir is a choir growing into its mission of 'community'.
We are female and male singers who come from many walks of life. We are a community in that we agree on some things.
We sing, work and play together. We invest in our communities through monthly outreach at area hospitals, retirement and care facilities. We tithe. We continue to make ourselves available to schools of all kinds for fundraising events.
We are an ever changing entity that attempts to respond to each other, the adventure of remaining relevant, alive, engaged the world in which each of us lives.
We are The Victoria Good News Choir .
My belief is that your voice has a right to be heard.
Come. Join us.

See you soon,

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