about-us-victoria-good-news-choir THE BOARD – The choir is a registered Non Profit Society with Charitable status with an elected board of directors.

OUTREACH – Once monthly singing in the Greater Victoria area has become a commitment of the choir’s community service. Member participation is always voluntary. We sing some of the wonderfully familiar sing along songs, uplifting choruses and even a few downright silly songs from a lyric book compiled by Pat Robertson. Some of the places at which we sing are Glengarry Hospital, The Priory, Kiwanis Village, The Lodge at Broadmead, Resthaven Lodge, the Cancer Clinic and John Alfred Manor.

TITHE POOL – The choir has a commitment of giving 10% of its concert tickets and revenues to a chosen group or organization. Over the years it has contributed to The Cridge Respitality Service at the Cridge Centre for the Family, Our Place, and 1UP (Single Parent Resource Centre). Even though you may find you’re unable to attend a concert, consider purchasing one or more tickets and designating that it be added to the ‘tithe pool’ as a way of contributing to someone else’s good health.

WHY SING? – Because we know singing contributes to one’s overall good health. Some have said they feel better simply being surrounded by singers. There is a woman who has been a member of the choir for eight year who has yet to sing a note. Why? She’s there to feel the vibrations of singers’ voices, share in the laughter that is so much a part of each rehearsal and to knit. It works for her.

LOOKING FOR A HOME – A CONCERT HOME, that is – It’s probably true that almost every community choir would like to find a home for all of its concert presentations. So would we. The challenges are a venue that truly welcomes all, that is wheel chair accessible, has convenient parking, adequate green room space for the choir and its guests and a staging area large enough to comfortably and gracefully accommodate each of the choir’s singing members.

TOURING – We haven’t yet and we think we’d like to. Got any ideas?

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