In order to do our best to care for the health of the members of The Victoria Good News Choir given the information available to us, all choir rehearsals and activities have been suspended at the Cadboro Bay United Church until further notice.

Please keep in mind to remember that ‘all is well’.

Please stay connected.

Welcome to the website of The Victoria Good News Choir Society

The Victoria Good News Choir Society, incorporated under the societies act and a member of the British Columbia Choral Federation, was founded in 1997 by Louise Rose as a three-month project to raise funds for Claremont High School’s theatre construction project. This Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass non-audition community choir celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017.

Louise has served as the choir’s accompanist, music director and resident arranger for all of the years of the choir’s existence.

Our membership is intergenerational, culturally, religiously and spiritually diverse. Our repertoire is composed of arrangements of music from the sixteenth century to funk to rock ‘n roll to gospel to spirituals. Louise has arranged most of the choir’s repertoire.

All Ages Together In Song

We are a NON-AUDITION community choir and we are inviting people of all ages to come and sing with us.

For information about Membership Fees and How To Become A Member click here.